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Kaneez is a 1949 Urdu/Hindi film directed and produced by Krishan Kumar, starring Shyam, Munawar Sultana and Kuldeep Kaur in lead roles.


|Munawar Sultana|| Sabira (Akbar's daughter)
|Shyam|| Akhtar (Hamid's son)
|Khwaja Sabir|| Hamid (Akbar's manager)
|Ramesh Sinha|| Akbar
|Kuldeep Kaur|| Darling


The music is composed by the two very well-known composers then, Ghulam Haider and Hansraj Behl with a large playback of Shamshad Begum, Mohammad Rafi, Surinder Kaur, Geeta Dutt, Zeenat Begum, G.M. Durrani, S.D. Batish and Rajkumari. The lyrics written by Hasrat Lucknavi, Sarshar Sailani, Shahir Ghaznavi and Harishchandra Akhtar. O.P. Nayyar composed the background music.


Sabira is the daughter of a wealthy, Akbar, who is cheated by his his manager, Hamid, and forced into a mental home. Sabira marries Hamid's son, Akhtar but the marriage is destroyed by a woman called, Darling, who is after Akhtar for his money. Sabira is forced to become a servant in her own house but she recovers her place as the mistress as Darling is exposed and Akhtar realized her worth for him.

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Source : Kaneez Wiki Page

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